• Auckland has been ranked among the top cities in the world for students to pursue a university education. Where else can you go sailing, horse riding, hiking, surfing, paddle boarding or mountain biking all within an hour of a bustling, modern city?


  • Cryptic river: The torrents that flow on the seabed | New Scientist article by Moskvitch, Katia. 2/22/2014, Vol. 221 Issue 2957, p42-45. 4p. | the article features a video recorded during our initial turbidity current research exploration at the University of Auckland in 2008


  • PhD student Stéphane Bertin is featured in the 2014 University of Auckland Postgraduate Prospectus link


  • PhD student Stéphane Bertin wins 2012 AUEA Braithwaite-Thompson Graduate Research Award link


  • PhD student Katherine Heays is featured in the 2010 Faculty of Engineering Postgraduate Prospectus






  • 4th Annual BECA Postgraduate Poster Competition 2005 | Heide won 2nd price overallposter05
  • 5th Annual BECA Postgraduate Poster Competition 2006 | Heide won price for best departmental posterposter06

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