Here we study the combined hydraulic, geomorphic and ecological effects on natural and managed water-worked systems. Present projects concentrate on fish-passage optimisation and effects of large wood on channel morphology.

Selected Publications:

Spreitzer, G., Gibson, J., Tang, M., Tunnicliffe, J. and Friedrich, H. (2019). SmartWood: Laboratory experiments for assessing the effectiveness of smart sensors for monitoring large wood movement behaviour. Catena

 Knapp, M., Montgomery, J., Whittaker, C., Franklin, P., Baker, C. and Friedrich, H. (2019). Fish Passage Hydrodynamics: Insights into overcoming Migration Challenges for small-bodied Fish. Journal of Ecohydraulics

 Levy, B., Friedrich, H., Cater, J., Clarke, R. and Denier, J. (2014). The impact of twine/mesh ratio on flow dynamics through a porous cylinder. Experiments in Fluids, 55:1829.


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