Student Profiles

Richard WilsonKatherine HeaysStephan SpillerJoseph Chaloner-WarmanStephane Bertin

Present PostDocs 

Present PhD Students as main supervisor

Past PostDocs 

  • 2019-2020 Edwin Baynes
  • 2015-2017 Stéphane Bertin
  • 2013-2015 Benjamin Levy

Past PhD Students 

  1. 2016-2020 Renske Terwisscha van Scheltinga, PhD, Graduated 2021, Supervisor
    Bedload transport variability for alluvial dunes | Vitens, The Netherlands
  2. 2016-2020 Chuang Jin, Graduated 2020 Co-supervisor
    On the Morphodynamics of Wave-generated Ripples | Hohai University, China
  3. 2016-2020 Joë Pelmard, PhD, Graduated 2020, Supervisor
    Numerical Investigation into the Turbulence of an Unsteady Gravity Current | University of Auckland, New Zealand
  4. 2016-2019 Gabriel Spreitzer, PhD, Graduated 2020, Supervisor
    Quantification and assessment methods for large wood (LW) in fluvial systems | ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  5. 2015-2019 Yifan Yang, PhD, Graduated 2020, Co-Supervisor
    Scour at Complex Bridge Pier | Wellington Water, New Zealand
  6. 2015-2018 Jane Groom, PhD, Graduated 2019, Supervisor
    Riverbed roughness and interlayer structures | Auckland Council, New Zealand
  7. 2014-2018 Lu Wang, PhD, Graduated 2019, Co-Supervisor
    Local scour at submerged weirs | Sichuan University, China
  8. 2014-2017 Wei Li, PhD, Graduated 2018, Supervisor
    Advances in topographic reconstruction of fluvial surfaces | working in China
  9. 2014-2017 Richard Wilson, PhD, Graduated 2018, Supervisor
    Dynamics of unconfined turbidity currents and their interaction with obstacles and substrates | Tonkin + Taylor, New Zealand
  10. 2012-2016 Xiaozhou Xiong, PhD, Graduated 2017, Co-Supervisor
    Combined abutment and contraction scour in compound channels for extreme flood events
  11. 2011-2015 Stéphane Bertin, PhD, Graduated  2016, Supervisor
    Developments in Photogrammetric Remote Sensing for Grain-Scale Fluvial Morphology Studies |  IUEM Brest, France
  12. 2011-2015 Dawei Guan, PhD, Graduated  2016, Co-Supervisor
    Scour at submerged weirs | Hohai University, China
  13. 2008-2011 Katherine Heays, PhD, Graduated 2012, (Jointly with Prof Bruce Melville)
    Cluster formation and stream-bed armouring: a photogrammetric study | Tonkin + Taylor, New Zealand


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