Postgraduate study at the University of Auckland

I believe pursuing postgraduate studies offer a unique experience and lifestyle. Follow your passion, set the foundations for a successful career in either industry or academia and contribute to knowledge generation. Looking for an intellectual challenge, enjoy maths and science, love the water environment? If yes, continue to read. Pursue your curiosity, and combine it with the freedom a PhD study brings with it, to make technical and personal explorations which you won’t have a chance to do otherwise.

If you are a student with a top academic record, and are interested in doing a PhD in hydraulic engineering, fluid mechanics or water resources, please contact me for more information. The diverse experiences I gained (industry, professional development, systems thinking, academic research) uniquely position me to guide my students to become true 21st century engineers, not only excelling at the highest technical level, but also understanding the importance of and mastering non-technical challenges.

The following shows a video from the official University of Auckland youtube site.

The University has a great reputation for delivering academic and research excellence within a supportive learning environment. Hear from staff and students about the wealth of resources for postgraduate students offered by The University of Auckland’s Library, Scholarships Office and the School of Graduate Studies.

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