Research statement

My research focuses mainly on processes taking place in water-worked environments, such as rivers. Traditionally, underwater topography data, together with flow structure data, are obtained, analysed and results discussed in relation to how the flow influences the river bed and vice versa. Those results are used to study ecological consequences, as well as the feasibility of engineering solutions, such as the use of various hydraulic structures. Several of my current projects strive to apply innovative analysis methodologies developed for turbulence studies into sediment transport research. In addition to using those traditional research methods, my specific interest and contribution to the research community over the last years is the use of advanced visualisation techniques to study underwater topography. The study of turbidity currents is perfectly suited to this area of interest, as they often take place in 1000’s of meters depth, not easily visible. Accordingly, with my research, I endeavour to transform the often invisible, such as the underwater environment, to the visible.

A complete list of publications can be found here.

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